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Welcome to my site! Please feel free to look around, hear some sounds and find out where I'll be playing next...

Today's the day!! 

I finally got my Indiegogo album campaign together. When I saw how professional the "pitch" videos were for some other artists' campaigns, I almost had an anxiety attack! But I pulled it together, got a little help with basic editing from a great friend, and got my simple, home-made video up there. Now it's in the hands of a higher power. I've had more amazing help and serendipity than I can even explain to this point, so I'm just gonna trust and let go. I know this project will come together. Keeping faith and moving forward...

Another day in the life 

We're getting ready for a brief trip to NC, well-deserved RnR, and a chance to see some friends. Been working a lot... there's not always enough time and energy for a serious music session. But I've learned to write in my head when working, and save ideas in my phone. Then I find little snippets of time in the morning or evening just to pick up the guitar and run through something. Every little bit counts. Just gotta keep believing and moving forward, do a little something every day. Hoping to get the fundraiser going as soon as we return.

Excited and slightly overwhelmed 

We've finally made the decision to go ahead and make an album with my producer. We've set a start date in late August and gotten some fantastic musicians on board. Looking at our budget, we realize we do not have enough to see this through to completion, so I'm in process of creating an "Indiegogo" fundraising campaign, along with this new website. It's a lot to do, and is feeling a bit overwhelming at the moment. But I know this efforts will be completely worthwhile once I get all the pieces in place. Onward and upward!


News, shows in your area, etc..

Women's March Nashville: Rally at Public Square

Nashville Public Square, 1 Public Square, Nashville, TN 37201

It's time for the third annual Women's March events across the country. I am honored to be performing once again! Nashville will join 176 other cities in 46 states on January 19, 2019 for #WomensWave events. This year will feature #WomensAgenda, a bold federal policy and legislative platform for 2019/2020 that centers our intersectional issues. Come and be part of the WAVE!! RSVP here: