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More fun in Belize!! 

In December of 2021, we spent 3 weeks in Belize with our good friends Bubba and Bianca, and I once again got to play with my friend and musical partner-in-crime Ed Taft on Bass and Cyril Hannah on percussion at a couple favorite hangouts for locals and tourists, "The Pickled Parrot" and "Buba Wuba's". The shows were as much fun as you can imagine! Let's see... go to a tropical paradise, spend time with friends, make music and get paid... yeah, I'll take it!!

3rd "Sermon and Song" on Feb. 6th a great success!! 

Having the opportunity to share both the music and message at my spiritual center continues to be an amazing growth experience for me!! This past Sunday, Feb. 6th was no exception. I also had two of my favorite people and top-notch vocalists, Gregory Fisher and Raven Barrientos, singing with me on several songs, and esp. on "Glory" from the movie "Selma", where I got to work my rap skills a bit on Common's words of wisdom in support of the fight for racial justice and equality. 

I look forward to being back on May 15th! 

To listen to this most recent talk as well as the others (June 6th and August 8th, 2021), go to www.csln.tv

Sermon and Song: My Big Debut!! 

This past Sunday, June 6th, 2021, I had the tremendous honor of being the guest speaker AND musical artist at Center for Spiritual Living Nashville!! Preparing for this was truly a "labor of love" in every respect, and the work paid off. I felt relaxed and confident, and was able to deliver a heartfelt message, while also enjoying performing with my favorite musicians anywhere! I'm grateful for this loving community, and for the lessons learned which have brought me to this point, of finding peace and fulfillment from within and continuing to grow as a messenger for the causes and values I believe in. So blessed!! To watch the service, go HERE.

Members Area Created, Custom Song Page Coming Soon! 

I finally got the Subscription / Membership Area created on my website, so pretty happy about that! And huge thanks to those of you who've subscribed. I'm looking forward to the very first private, VIP livestream next Friday, 7pm CT! A page for my "Custom Songs" is coming soon. If you would like to order an incredibly special, professionally crafted and recorded personalized song as a gift for someone you know, or for any occasion, please contact me. It's what I love to do!

Excited to be sharing music once again with my spiritual family at CSLN on June 21st, 2020!! 

June 16th, 2020

These past few months have been, um, challenging for all of us in a number of ways. And for some, they've been downright impossible. From a devastating series of tornadoes here in Tennessee in early March that took 25 lives and tore a path of destruction through parts of Davidson, Wilson, Smith and Putnam Counties, to a global virus outbreak that has caused untold suffering and death, as well as massive job loss and economic despair as schools and businesses were forced to shutter their doors for the safety of all, to the massive outcry for justice from people everywhere following the murder of an unarmed black man, once again, at the hands of police officers whose job it is to protect our citizens. To say the unfolding events of recent months have been a test of our mental, emotional and physical fortitude would be an understatement. But through all of this, we've also seen examples of amazing heroism and courage, solidarity and kindness, and a determination to rise above unfathomable levels of pain and adversity and find the good within ourselves and each other, again and again. Even the beautiful Mother Earth got a bit of a much-needed reprieve as the COVID pandemic has dramatically slowed down the continual onslaught of industrial pollutants and the burning of fossil fuels, at least for a little while.

Another change that has occurred is with the leadership at our beloved spiritual home, Center for Spiritual Living Nashville. It is with a sense of peace, happiness and anticipation that we embark on a new path, stronger and wiser for the experiences of the last two years under the leadership of Reverend Claudia Renee and her husband Tony Williamson. I am honored to take part in providing music for the virtual service on Sunday, June 21st, at 11am, which can be viewed on their FB page HERE. I got to go to Reverend Lynn Bennett's amazing "Stagepost Studios" video production facility and tape a couple of my songs today. Everyone there was so kind and easy to work with. They made it really fun and relaxed, made me feel right at home - so THANK YOU for that, you awesome, beautiful people!

I know they say it's darkest just before the dawn, and that darkness can really put us to the test. But I'm also excited and filled with hope for what the future holds for all of us. New opportunities, new insights and new ways of doing things abound. Let's not waste them.

LIVE with host Drew Laney on WRFN today!!  

Listen to a live interview I did TODAY, Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 2020, from 3-4pm with the lovely Drew Laney on "Radio Free Nashville" in Pasquo, TN (103.7 and 107.1 FM). Amazing how quickly an hour goes when you're having fun!! Just having a nice conversation and playing a few songs. There is a symphonic piece that comes in during my last song, which makes for an unusual sonic experience, BUT... it's pretty straightforward up to that point!

Science and Climate March returns to Nashville on May 4th 

It seems odd to still be living in an era when we feel compelled to hold a rally and march to show our support for science as a whole, and to once again express an urgent wish that our elected officials, citizens and business leaders come together to address the need for meaningful action on climate change. But, nonetheless, here we are again. We will meet in Public Square on Sat., May 4th at 10am. See event page for details: 


"Reckless Abandon" released, #16 on Folk chart for August 

"Reckless Abandon", a collection of 11 original songs, drawing on both contemporary and traditional influences and recorded in a stripped-down, acoustic format, has finally made it's way into the world-at-large. Released on August 1st, it has begun to gain attention at Folk radio, making the #16 album, #21 song ("Ordinary Miracles") and #22 artist on the charts for it's debut month. Off to a great start! The album and individual songs are available on this site for listening and download, and will be soon be made available on all major internet downloading and streaming sites.

Three Wins in the MASC (Mid-Atlantic Song Contest)!! 

I was thrilled and honored to find out on Dec. 31st, 2017, that three of my songs took honors in the 2017 MASC Songwriting Contest: "Compass", co-written with my friend Robin Hackett, received "Honorable Mention" in the Pop category, "Unbroken" received "Honorable Mention" in the Gospel category, and "Stand Down" is a finalist in the Country category! How exciting isTHAT?!! Nice way to ring in the New Year!!


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