Custom Songs by Susan

For any occasion

What is a Custom Song?

        A custom song is a totally unique and personalized song, written to fulfill YOUR desired purpose. With the detailed information you provide, as well as suggestions about musical styles or artists you enjoy, I go to work creating an unforgettable song to capture perfectly what it is you want to say, and to whom you want to say it.

            There are an endless multitude of occasions for which a custom song can be an ideal gift, or a truly special addition to an event or program. Maybe you want to give the gift of song to someone special in your life, as an expression of how you feel about them, or honoring who they are and what they mean to you. It can be about a shared experience that you want to capture and re-live through the timeless quality of music. It can be a way of congratulating them on some new endeavor, celebrating some milestone or accomplishment.

        Or… perhaps you’re planning a program or event for which you want to create a truly special moment, a theme song that captures the essence and purpose of the gathering. A custom song – whether shared in a recorded format or performed live - will be a highlight of the program that your audience will remember for years to come. Such is the amazing power of music.

How Does It Work?

We begin the process with information-gathering. Contact me via the website contact form, and I'll send you a questionnaire to complete and return about the person for whom - or the event for which - the song is to be written. When I receive the filled-out questionnaire, we schedule a follow-up meeting, either via phone / Skype or Zoom. Once I’ve gotten to know enough about my subject, and how you would like the song to be recorded and presented, I begin the process of creating the personalized song.

        Within an avg. 1 - 2 week turnaround, I submit the initial “draft” song recording to you for approval, and re-write or modify as requested. Finally, I complete a high-quality recording of the song in the form of an mp3 file, and also mailed to you on CD or thumb-drive (if requested) at no additional cost, or downloadable via electronic file share, good old-fashioned email or other media platform of your choice. You also have the option to choose whether you prefer a simple acoustic rendition of the song (guitar and vocal), a backing track using high-quality midi and real instruments arranged to fit your song’s unique style, or a full-band recording, using the finest Nashville musicians and studios available.

            Other incredibly special features you can add to make the moment even more memorable include a framed, hand-written and signed lyric, a live performance video on YouTube, or the option of an actual live performance of the song by me at the event for which it is to be presented.

What does it cost?

The Song: Depending on how you want the song recorded and / or presented, the cost for the writing and recording of the song ranges from approx. $500 - $1250. 50% of agreed upon cost is paid when initial agreement is made. The remaining 50% is paid once song is finalized and approved.

Additional Features: Framed, signed lyric $150, YouTube Video $150, Live Performance $300


From Nancy and Steve on “Country Doctor” (below): 

            “These days complex arrangements, over-dubbing and trendy accompaniment can adulterate a song's message and, more telling, the feelings that musical art, at its best, has the power to convey. 

            Ms. Susan's lyrical story of Dr. Nancy's life work turns the listener's attention to the 'love' channel in the traditions of Holly Near and Kate Wolf.  We see, again, that "simple is beautiful” when the intent is to have the listener feel what an artist sees and feels. 

            The simple charm of this song was the best birthday present ever, and brought tears to our eyes."

Below is an example of a custom song video. In this case, it was for my husband's nephew Ixaya. I found out from his mom on Monday, March 1st that his birthday was Wednesday, March 3rd (yikes!!), so gathered some information and "fun facts" about him, and set to work to get this to him by Wednesday. He LOVED it, and it was so fun to do!!