This is one of the first custom song orders I received: a special birthday song from a husband to his wife, who is a family doctor in rural Wayne Co. TN. I took the information I received from him and created this song from their shared experiences.

Steve’s testimonial:
“These days complex arrangements, over-dubbing and trendy accompaniment can adulterate a song's message and, more telling, the feelings that musical art, at its best, has the power to convey.
Ms. Susan's lyrical story of Dr. Nancy's life work turns the listener's attention to the 'love' channel in the traditions of Holly Near and Kate Wolf. We see, again, that "simple is beautiful” when the intent is to have the listener feel what an artist sees and feels.The simple charm of this song was the best birthday present, and brought tears to our eyes.”


Country Doctor(For Nancy) / Susan B Shann / © 2020

Nancy takes care of the sick and the poor
You might say that's what she came here for
She gives of herself so openly
Seems there's nowhere and nothing she'd rather be

She's a country doctor
And the locals all know her by her name
She's a country doctor
Without her their lives wouldn't be the same

Nancy and Steve have been married so long
Their life on the farm is like a sacred song
Children all grown, with lives of their own
Still they come back no matter how far they roam

To this country doctor
With her steward of the land, and his strong gentle hands
She's a country doctor
Every blessing they share is a part of the plan

This life is not without its hardships
Sometimes it seems like the work never ends
But they'll find the laughter and grace
The magic and mystery around each bend

Oh this country doctor
Watching her grandchildren grow up so fine
She's a country doctor
Living the dream in her heart and her mind

Nancy picks greens in the garden below
Steve nets a catfish in the evening glow
They'll eat a nice meal, watch a movie and then
They'll sleep 'til it's time to do it all again

Oh this country doctor
With her man by her side on this wonderful ride
She's a country doctor
Living the dream in her heart and her mind
She's a country doctor