1. I See You

I wrote this for my husband Theron, for our anniversary. He loved it!


I SEE YOU / Susan B. Shann

I see you in the sunlight, walking by the water’s edge
Staring up into a star-filled sky, or sleeping in my bed
I see you when you struggle, when you find the peace within
However many times I look, I always see a friend

I see your love of family, the honor you protect
Your search for truth and higher ground, for kindness and respect
I see a man of strength and courage, as playful as a child
A head full of questions, and a heart so sweet and wild

No matter the occasion, where I go or what I do
Forever and always, I see you

I see glimpses of the future, and the life that we could make
Time to work together, time to love and time to play
We’ll plant the seeds of our desires and watch the garden grow
Create an earthly paradise to live in when we’re old

Of all the gifts that I’ve received, one I’ll always hold onto
Is the way you make me feel inside when I see you

I know it’s right , ‘cause everything inside me tells me so
For all my days I pray I’ll always find a way to let you know

I see a love so fragile, and yet so very strong
Calling us to give our best, and make amends when we are wrong
I see a chance to learn and grow, and finally understand
What it means to really trust someone and put your heart inside their hands

If I see the seven wonders, and make all my dreams come true
None will match the beauty of those moments when I see you
When I see you
When I see you