Excited to be sharing music once again with my spiritual family at CSLN on June 21st, 2020!!

June 16th, 2020

These past few months have been more than challenging for all of us in a number of ways. And for some, they've been downright impossible. From a devastating series of tornadoes here in Tennessee in early March that took 25 lives and tore a path of destruction through parts of Davidson, Wilson, Smith and Putnam Counties, to a global virus outbreak that has caused so much suffering, loss, and economic despair as schools and businesses were forced to shutter their doors for the safety of all, to the social unrest and call for justice from people everywhere following the murder of an unarmed black man, once again, at the hands of police officers whose job it is to protect our citizens. To say the events of recent months have been a test of our mental, emotional and physical fortitude would be an understatement. But through it all, we've also seen examples of amazing heroism and courage, solidarity and kindness, and a determination to rise above pain and adversity and find the good within ourselves and each other, again and again. Even Mother Earth got a bit of a much-needed reprieve as the COVID pandemic has slowed down the continual onslaught of industrial pollutants and the burning of fossil fuels, at least for a little while.

Another change that has occurred is with the leadership at our beloved spiritual home, Center for Spiritual Living Nashville. It is with a sense of peace, happiness and anticipation that we embark on a new path, stronger and wiser for the experiences of the last two years. I'm honored to take part in providing music for the virtual service on Sunday, June 21st, at 11am. I got to go to the amazing "Stagepost Studios" video production facility and tape a couple songs today for that service. Everyone there was so kind and easy to work with. They made it really fun and relaxed, so THANK YOU for that!

I know they say it's darkest just before the dawn, and that darkness can really put us to the test. But I'm also excited and filled with hope for what the future holds for all of us. New opportunities, new insights and new ways of doing things abound. Let's embrace them.

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