This page is dedicated to my performances at spiritual centers, which include Unity, Science of Mind (aka Religious Science), and Unitarian Universalist faith denominations. These comprise a large part of what is frequently thought of as the "new thought" sector of Christianity - although all of these embrace common threads of spiritual wisdom, spanning many centuries and found throughout multiple religions. All express an understanding of one God, or Higher Power, or Universal Intelligence permeating all of creation and transcending any specific religious form.

I believe all of these teachings offer a path toward healing through a recognition of the inherent worth and divinity of all people, as well as our deep connection to one another, and to all of life. Each may express these beliefs in slightly different ways, or credit different individuals as being primary influences in the development of their respective philosophies and principles. But all are based on LOVE as the highest universal principle.

It is my honor and joy to write and perform songs that reflect these teachings and ideas, as I am a student and follower of them myself. As I write from my own inspiration, my greatest wish is to inspire others to see themselves as whole and beautiful creations of a loving, nonjudgemental and all-encompassing God.

 "It gives me great pleasure to recommend Susan Shann as an accomplished and dedicated songwriter, vocalist and professional performer.  A gifted musician who gives from the heart with sincerity and generosity, Susan shares her personal spiritual journey through her songs, which touch, move and inspire.  Susan is collaborative in her approach, working with our Music Director in selecting the perfect musical arrangements that support the message of our community.  The combination of her beautiful voice and a passion for professional performance creates an amazing experience for her audience.  Susan has the depth of traditional and original material to be a tremendous asset in any musical setting. Susan is delightful to work with and we are grateful for her presence in our community.  Susan's desire to serve and her heartfelt talent are an experience of light and joy."
~ Rev. Claudia René,   
Spiritual Leader & Senior Minister 
Center for Spiritual Living Nashville