1. Compass

From the recording Rhythm of the Road

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Writer: Susan Shann, ASCAP / Robin Hackett, BMI
Produced and engineered by: Bil VornDick, Mountainside Audio Labs
Publisher: Moose Lodge Music, ASCAP / Mountainside Music, BMI
Mastering: Seva, Soundcurrent Mastering

Mountainside Audio Records

Lead guitar: Pat Bergeson
Rhythm guitar: Pat Bergeson
Keys: Will Barrow
Bass: Byron House
Drums: Bob Mater

Compass is a lighthearted proclamation of the enduring, redeeming and centering powers of true love. My friend Robin, who was visiting from Dallas, picked up the guitar and began playing this irresistible riff from the couch as I was making spaghetti. We began playing with lyric and melody ideas. This was the end result, set to that same, infectiously upbeat groove first played by Robin.


I’ve got your love in my back pocket
I take it everywhere I go
It’s right beside me when I need it
Everybody knows

Some other guy might try to tempt me
He might as well not waste his time
You give me what I need, and plenty
You’re always on my mind

Oh the neon and the bright lights
They might have their charms
But I’ll miss those quiet nights
When I’m lying in your arms
No matter where I travel
No matter where I go
Your love is my compass
It always leads me home

I used to be so lost and lonely
I thought I’d never find my way
Like the Northern Star, you guide me
With you, I wanna stay


When I’m out on the ocean
In the wind and the rain
I hear your voice calling
I find the shore again
I am safe and sound with you


I’ve got your love in my back pocket
I take it everywhere I go