From the recording Rhythm of the Road

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Writer: Susan Shann, ASCAP
Producer: Bil VornDick, Mountainside Audio
Publisher: Moose Lodge Music, ASCAP
Mastering: Seva, Soundcurrent Mastering

Lead guitar: Chip Martin
Rhythm guitar: Pat Bergeson
Keys: Will Barrow
Bass: Byron House
Drums: Bob Mater

Transitioning from the darkness into the light... Whether interpreted literally – as in the passage from one world to the next – or metaphorically, as in an evolution of consciousness from one experience of life to a wholly new one, this song is about finding the faith to recognize we are always supported in what we’re willing to accept and believe.


Between two worlds, I am standing
On the bridge between what is and what will be
Between two lives, I am living
Moving forward from the deepest part of me

I will cast a glance behind me
For one last look at all that’s been
Then I’ll let go of that story, so a new one can begin
Between two worlds, but I am ready
To embrace what’s waiting on the other side
Just a small step, then another
Soon I’m soaring right across that great divide

No more doubt and no more worry
I have everything I need
Let the storms rage all around me
I will put my trust in thee
To carry me between two worlds

Through the fear you give me courage
Through the pain, you help me heal
When I finally cross over
I will see this truth revealed

Between two worlds, you were always there
Right beside me in the shadow and the light
I had only to go within me
And claim there what was already mine
Oh, the gift is always given
When we’re ready to receive
The life that we imagine
Will be ours when we believe
Love can carry us between two worlds
It’s love that carries us between two worlds