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“Homemade Lovin’” is a fun, tongue-in-cheek romp letting my would-be paramour know that, while I may not be the tamed, stay-at-home or old-fashioned kind of girl, I’ve got something even better... Come and get it!


HOMEMADE LOVIN’ / Susan B. Shann / © 2017

I might make you an apple pie, I might bake some bread
I might sew your shirts, fix your tie
But don’t hold your breath, ‘cause you might be dead
I’m not a real old fashioned girl -
But I got somethin’ gonna rock your world

My homemade lovin’, my homemade lovin’
Fresh from the oven, my homemade lovin’
You’re gonna know I’m a real fine catch
‘Cause every batch is made from scratch
My homemade lovin’, oooh, yeah

Well I might keep your house real neat, or fix your favorite meal
But there’s a restaurant right down the street
And it all depends on how I feel
I’m not the real domestic kind -
But I got something gonna blow your mind

My homemade lovin’, my homemade lovin’
Gonna keep it comin’, my homemade lovin’
Ooh, sweet daddy, you can mark my words
You’ll be beggin’ like a baby bird
For my homemade lovin’, oooh yeah

Some girls go to college, quote Shakespeare line by line
I’ve got a different kind of education, but it seems to work just fine
Some girls go for the money, like to show off to all their friends
Don’tcha worry, Baby, your precious time’s
The only thing I care to spend

I don’t need to drink fine champagne, or go on a five week cruise
I’ll take an old guitar, some lemonade, and a backyard barbecue
Baby don’t buy me no diamond rings -
Just let me give you this real good thing

My homemade lovin’, my homemade lovin’
You won’t want for nothin’, with my homemade lovin’
Other girls might have their charms
They can’t wrap you in these arms
Other girls might turn your head
Honey, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
Other girls might talk real sweet
But their words just can’t compete
With my homemade lovin’ - Oooh, yeah
Mmm... come and get it!