Susan Shann and Brown's Gift Shop Revival Band at Lulu's Cafe

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Lulu's Cafe, 120 E Main St., Watertown, TN 37184

If you've never been to Lulu's Cafe, it's a really fun, hip little eaterie and music venue in Watertown, TN - about 45 min. east of Nashville. I'm looking forward to playing there this Sat., July 29th, from 7-10pm with my good friends from "Brown's Gift Shop Revival Band": Mark Meadors, Brian Mooney, Martin VanTassle and Lucas Ketner, doing their funky, bluesy, groovy acoustic thing. We will alternate sets (I'm solo), mix n match, lay it down and have a blast! Any of my Nashvegas friends brave enought to make the journey and come join us? We'd love to see you!!